DOWNLOAD: Case Study: Elevating Law Firm Information Governance (Husch Blackwell)

Jordan McKee, Associate Director of Information Governance at Husch Blackwell, explains how the firm worked with InOutsource through to consolidate its physical records data to reduce costs and risks, improve productivity, and elevate the role of the Information Governance within the firm. Husch Blackwell was an early adopter of the FileTrail records management system, migrating […]

DOWNLOAD: Audit Letter Workflow Automation Overview

Responding to audit letters is a professional requirement for every law firm. Using the InOutsource solution for audit letter response, risk teams can execute this critical process more efficiently while minimizing the overhead and interruption lawyers experience with legacy, manual methods. This purpose-built software solution integrates key historical information, automates repeatable workflows, and centralizes review and […]

DOWNLOAD: Law Firm Information Security — Trends, Drivers and Consulting Services

In our discussion with law firms, we consistently see security issues commanding significant attention. And a consistent theme we’ve heard is that organizations want relationships with multiple security consultants, to gain access to a variety of perspectives, advice and technical resources. To help connect our clients with the best resources, we have recently formed a […]

DOWNLOAD: Nectar Overview

Nectar, our innovative online Learning Management System (LMS) accelerates training and development, by providing centralized, standardized learning tools and information that can be mapped to your firm’s specific needs. Coursework includes extensive conflicts and compliance education as well as broader context on law firm operations and fundamentals. Nectar’s online resources include personalized learning materials, configurable […]