WEBINAR: Getting Started (or Getting Serious) with Software-driven OCG and Terms Management

March 16, 2023 (11am ET)

”In the future, we expect fewer client Outside Counsel Guidelines,” said no law firm ever.

That’s why organizations continue to adopt Intapp Terms to support their long term success. It enables firms to effectively catalog, analyze and comply with client mandates at scale.

However, choosing the right software is just one input necessary for lasting success — best practices and prudent policies are also crucial. It’s not uncommon for some firms to face challenges navigating the shift from legacy processes to more modern OCG management.

In this webinar co-hosted with Intapp, InOutsource experts will share our experiences, advice, recommendations, and tips for navigating your terms journey — no matter what stage your firm is at.

Whether you’ve licensed Intapp Terms and are struggling to get started, are in production and looking to take your practices to the next level, or are just starting to think about a software investment, this session is for you — bring your stories, bring your questions, bring your ideas.

Discussion Topics Will Include:

  • Strategies for Getting Started: How prudent planning, expert assessment, and practice polices can put you in the best starting position
  • • Stories of Scaling: How firms are using Terms to effectively centralize and streamline OCG management
  • • Harnessing New Horizons: Achieving active compliance across time and billing activity, delving into data and analytics, new features and emerging opportunities