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Monday, August 22

Cybersecurity Briefing

Monday (8/22) 8am— 8:45am (Chesapeake 9 )

(Breakfast Served at 7:30am. Session starting promptly at 8am)

Information Governance issues are increasingly intersecting with security policy, posture, and protection efforts — is your firm ready to meet emerging challenges?

The client information your firm holds is a strong target for cyberattacks. Is your firm doing enough to protect itself? While implementing security protocols and technology is critical to any security strategy, most firms now rely on third-party providers to augment their programs.

Join InOutsource and The Cyderes Group for breakfast on Monday, August 22nd, where we will be discussing evolving risks and the range  of ways we can work with you to help support and protect your firm.

Sparking a Retention Jump Start Program

Monday (8/22) 1pm— 2pm (Chesapeake 9 )

Are you ready to take your retention efforts from “policy” to practice for real? While most firms have policies, few are addressing destruction/disposition in ways that are cost-effective, comprehensive, and simple-to-execute.


Working with hundreds of firms, we’ve identified key practical strategies and “real world” approaches for jump starting and executing retention programs that really work. In this session we’ll offer judgement-free commiseration, provide advice, and show how you can advance a roadmap for retention success that can really work at your firm.

Tuesday, August 23

Supporting KM & BizDev teams with New Case Filing Alerts 

Tuesday (8/23) 8am — 8:45am (Chesapeake 9 )

(Breakfast Served at 7:30am. Session starting promptly at 8am)

Armed with timely information about case filings, business development can alert and proactively pitch services to clients, and KM teams can keep lawyers updated on critical developments. 

But translating raw feeds from one or more court docket data providers into actionable intelligence quickly and consistently can be challenging.

Our new case filing intelligence solution integrates third-party feeds into a centralized clearinghouse, providing KM, marketing, and business development teams with straightforward analytics tools to configure, curate, and communicate the alerts most relevant to their needs. Attend this session to see it in action.

Shared Drive Cleanup Conversations

Tuesday (8/23) 1pm — 2pm (Chesapeake 9 )

Are shared drives creating shared pain, shared risk, and shared compliance gaps at your firm? Looking to put the “collaboration genie” back in the bottle? Or at least reduce your exposure?

 In this session, we’ll host an “off the record” roundtable, providing a forum for to share experiences, ideas, and lessons learned. Discussion topics may include: policies, processes, tools, technologies and more — based on participant interest.

Wednesday, August 24

Intapp OnePlace for Risk and Compliance – Leveraging your Investment 

Wednesday (8/24) 8am — 8:45am (Chesapeake 9 )

(Breakfast Served at 7:30am. Session starting promptly at 8am)

With a 100% success rate across over 200+ Intapp engagements, we have a thing or two to say about achieving true success with Intapp OnePlace. We’ve worked with the world’s most demanding firms, the bleeding edge of new Intapp technologies (cloud, AI and more), and have built multiple use cases.

So if you have Intapp in place and are looking to drive even greater ROI — by upgrading, adopting new features, or migrating to the cloud , or you are still in the planning phase around new risk products, we have success stories, advice, and ideas to share. Join this session to learn more (and bring your Intapp questions, ideas, and aspirations).

Lateral Hire Insight: Diligence & Data 

Wednesday (8/24) 1pm— 2pm (Chesapeake 9 )

Over the past 20 years, we’ve supported firms across the entire lateral lifecycle including: recruiting/evaluating candidates, clearing conflicts, onboarding lawyers, transferring client materials, and integrating client outside counsel guidelines.


In each of these areas policy, process, and technology has an important role to play. And in many — unrealized opportunities to deliver even greater efficiency and benefit to your firm. At this session we’ll explore these topics and share our insight and thinking on all things lateral.

Thursday, August 25

DEMO PRESENTATION – iCompli in Action

Thursday (8/25) 11am — 12pm (Chesapeake 9)

Join us to see iCompli software live on Thursday, or reach out to book a one-on-one demo with us. Available in the cloud or on-premises, iCompli integrates with popular document management systems including iManage and NetDocuments, as well as file shares and other business applications where law firms store information, such as SharePoint, Elite, Aderant, SAP, and Intapp.


Marcia Cook

Sr. Data and Analytics Consultant

Marcia Cook comes to InOutsource with 17 years of IT experience with the last 7 years heavily focused on Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Development, as well as Data and Analytics solutions. Prior to completing her bachelor’s degree, Marcia also worked as an Executive Assistant for various employers including Micron Technology, American Express, University of Utah, and the United States Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA).

Marcia has extensive experience with various Analytics tools including Qlik, Tableau, Sisense, OBIEE, and Domo. She has studied both Kimball and Inmon data warehouse methodologies, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and various programming languages including SQL, C++, Java, .NET, and python.

Marcia obtained her Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science with a minor in Computer Science from University of Alabama in Huntsville.

In addition to work, Marcia has been a college Math tutor for all ages, specializing in general mathematics, algebra, and calculus.