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INTAPP: InOutsource Innovation and Insight in Focus

If you’re looking to get more out of your Intapp investments, we want to make sure you understand all the areas we can aid and accelerate your efforts.

We break those out into four key areas:

1. Extending Intapp Software with New Solutions

We’ve worked with firms to use Intapp Flow/Intapp Open to address process automation and management including:

  • Audit Letter Response and D&O Reporting for 
  • Matter Maintenance & Data Updates
  • Engagement Letter Workflows
  • Matter Financial Forecasting / Analytics Support.

2. Upgrades & Integrations

Intapp has made it increasingly clear that future of its platform is in the cloud. We’ve had significant experience helping firms navigate this transition, including:

  • Pre-cloud review, migration planning, and executing transition 
  • Solution upgrades
  • Data integration updates (both on premises and cloud) from legacy SOAP to REST API data communication transitions

3. Training

A sure-fire way to increase your returns (and boost satisfaction) is making sure both administrators and end users are as productive as possible on your software solutions We’ve worked with several firms to deliver a variety of training, including:

  • Custom virtual training programs, including topic-specific or multi-day engagements
  • Administrator and Power User “self-sufficiency” development programs
  • “Flow Faster” training for accelerating development of business process workflow automations

4. Reporting

As firms work remotely, visibility becomes even more critical. We work with organizations to build and extend application reports covering areas including:

  • Application usage patterns (useful for identifying opportunities to improve efficiency)
  • Task duration (e.g. matter opening)
  • Business insight (e.g. matters by practice group, geography)
  • Team productivity metrics
If you’d like to learn more, we’d welcome a chance to connect.

Marcia Cook

Sr. Data and Analytics Consultant

Marcia Cook comes to InOutsource with 17 years of IT experience with the last 7 years heavily focused on Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Development, as well as Data and Analytics solutions. Prior to completing her bachelor’s degree, Marcia also worked as an Executive Assistant for various employers including Micron Technology, American Express, University of Utah, and the United States Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA).

Marcia has extensive experience with various Analytics tools including Qlik, Tableau, Sisense, OBIEE, and Domo. She has studied both Kimball and Inmon data warehouse methodologies, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and various programming languages including SQL, C++, Java, .NET, and python.

Marcia obtained her Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science with a minor in Computer Science from University of Alabama in Huntsville.

In addition to work, Marcia has been a college Math tutor for all ages, specializing in general mathematics, algebra, and calculus.