Manage Client Files the Green Way

Many law firms are striving to become more responsible corporate citizens through various sustainability efforts. The inspiration to go green may be motivated by environmental concerns, business image or in response to client inquiries about a firm’s sustainability policies. Typical law firm “green” initiatives may include: using recyclable paper and printer cartridges; changing default settings on printers to print documents double-sided; and choosing energy efficient equipment and lighting. While these efforts are admirable, they simply are not enough.

To really make a difference, law firm attorneys need to answer the call and change their existing methodology for managing client matter records and information. To be successful requires a commitment from both the client and the law firm to exchange old records management habits for new ones that support both green initiatives and budgetary concerns. Firms need to understand how resources are being used and wasted. Law firms cannot afford to wait until a client asks about their sustainability policies to develop a program.