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Risk E-Learning for Law Firms

DRAFT UPDATE (Unpublished)

Develop Team Knowledge, Skill & Engagement

Creating a true culture of risk management requires intention and investment. When law firms are successful at this, risk mitigation becomes a shared priority, integrated into every day decisions and activity. When they are not, the chances of error, omission and expense multiply — often in unforeseeable ways.

The challenge
It’s hard to recruit, train, develop and motivate law firm staff, who address critical compliance and client service needs including business intake and conflicts management. At many firms, training approaches are often ad hoc and apprentice-based. But there’s no clear alternative, until now.

InOutsource helps you develop your team’s risk knowledge, skills and engagement
Nectar, our innovative online Learning Management System (LMS), accelerates training and development, by providing centralized, standardized education tools and information that can be mapped to your firm’s specific needs. It delivers pre-built coursework that includes extensive conflicts and compliance education, instructor-led sessions with InOutsource experts, and the ability to host firm-specific policy and process content.

Opportunity to nurture broader risk awareness and exchange
InOutsource also provides Nectar participants with opportunities to securely collaborate with their industry peers through recurring round table events and moderated exchanges on a variety of relevant topics. These added opportunities enable staff to further develop their perspective and skill.

Nectar provides tailored,
role-based learning for:

  • Conflicts Risk Professionals
  • Intake Risk Professionals
  • Lawyers
  • Practice Support
  • New Law Firm Staff
  • Firm Administrators


And training covering:

  • Law Firm Operations
  • Law Firm Risk Basics
  • Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Conflicts Policies & Processes
  • Intake Policies & Processes
  • Emerging Risks and Technology

A modern approach to training and developing risk staff.

Comprehensive training materials, tailored to key roles and functions
Nectar provides an extensive range of educational materials, including personalized learning content, configurable learning plans and syllabi, testing and evaluation tools, and progress tracking and reporting.

All of these resources are available online and on demand — so users can engage and learn at a time, a place and a pace that’s best for them.

Online discussion forums provide an opportunity for participants to engage in active Q&A, collaboration, exchange and learning. Firms can create forums with access limited to internal participants, as well as allow staff to participate in forums moderated by InOutsource experts.

The Nectar learning management system also encourages organizations to host their own custom training materials and documentation. This allows firms to have a single, comprehensive internal source of subject matter, policy and process education.

Engaging user interface, insightful reporting and metrics
Nectar also provides comprehensive tracking and reporting. This gives participants a clear view and record of their learning progress, accomplishments, and pending objectives.

This also enables managers to easily understand how their staff is advancing, through summaries of the activity and achievements of both individual team members as well as their entire team.

Sample Nectar Insight from Our Risk Experts

We supplement the 100+ lessons in Nectar with regular video commentary and thought from our expert team. We create these short snapshots often in response to questions from our clients. Here’s a small sample of what we call Fresh Nectar :

Learn More About Nectar

Connect with us to learn more, to see a demonstration, and to explore how we can address your firm’s specific risk training and staff development needs:


Marcia Cook

Sr. Data and Analytics Consultant

Marcia Cook comes to InOutsource with 17 years of IT experience with the last 7 years heavily focused on Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Development, as well as Data and Analytics solutions. Prior to completing her bachelor’s degree, Marcia also worked as an Executive Assistant for various employers including Micron Technology, American Express, University of Utah, and the United States Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA).

Marcia has extensive experience with various Analytics tools including Qlik, Tableau, Sisense, OBIEE, and Domo. She has studied both Kimball and Inmon data warehouse methodologies, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and various programming languages including SQL, C++, Java, .NET, and python.

Marcia obtained her Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science with a minor in Computer Science from University of Alabama in Huntsville.

In addition to work, Marcia has been a college Math tutor for all ages, specializing in general mathematics, algebra, and calculus.