Case Study: Elevating Law Firm Information Governance (Husch Blackwell)

Jordan McKee, Associate Director of Information Governance at Husch Blackwell, explains how the firm worked with InOutsource through to consolidate its physical records data to reduce costs and risks, improve productivity, and elevate the role of the Information Governance within the firm.

ARMA Article — Making Mountains Into Molehills: Managing Information Assets in a Complex IG World (Part 1)

(Originally published by ARMA) The regulatory environment for how businesses manage information continues to grow in complexity and uncertainty. Information and records management professionals are now tasked with understanding the implications of laws and regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, SOX, FCPA and AML, and evolving standards such as the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles, the […]

“Behavior is the Hardest Part of Information Governance”

How can behavioral strategies improve law firm IG? Find out in “Behavior is the Hardest Part of Information Governance” from Adrienne Girone and Max Welsh.  Published in ABA Law Technology Today, the article argues that law firms would be best served by considering the habits of their employees from the outset of any IG initiative. By […]

Information Governance: Acting in Someone Else’s Best Interest

As information governance (IG) professionals it’s our job to balance two seemingly opposite organizational goals: tap information for its value, while simultaneously mitigating the potential risk that information carries. But in an increasingly regulated environment where dollars are stretched thin and technology is always evolving, how can we make sure that we are setting our […]