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The Buzz Newsletter (March 2024)

A Note from Nancy & Eric

As the year advances, it feels to many of us that 2024 is “The Year of AI.” Given the topic’s prominence, we’re more likely looking at the “Decade of AI.”

With a number of software providers embedding Microsoft Copilot and other technologies in their software, and other vendors putting AI front and center, many see the promise of tremendous potential for achieving new levels of business productivity and practice efficiency.

We see that promise, as well, but we also acknowledge the risks for the organization that takes on these tools without the proper planning. Two key concerns firms consistently flag are Security and Information Governance.

That’s why, we’re increasingly working with firms looking to take stock of their existing IG policies, practices, and objectives. To put structure around this type of consulting, we’ve created an IG Health Check framework, which you can read more about below in the highlighted article.

Our team continues to focus on the key themes that matter most to our clients: IT Strategy & Software SuccessInformation & InsightRisk & ComplianceCost & Expense Management, and Firm Growth & Business Development.

If you’d like to discuss any of these topics further, you should always feel free to reach out — either to us directly, to your account manager, or via our website.

As always, as we continue to invest in growth, our top priority is growing the success of our clients. We value the long-term relationships we’ve built with so many of you, and look forward to strong and successful collaboration in 2024.

 Nancy Beauchemin
President and Founder
 Eric Mosca
Director of Operations
IG Insight

PERSPECTIVE: Every Firm Needs an IG "Health Check"

It would not be an exaggeration to assert that we are witnessing the next stage in the evolution of law firm information governance. Reading the news and talking to colleagues, it seems that new challenges, new uncertainties, and new opportunities arise daily.

At InOutsource, our teams have spent decades helping firms tackle a broad range of records, IG, and information management challenges.

Today, the law firm landscape we work in is shifting at an unprecedented rate and scale. So it makes sense that firms are increasingly turning to our teams to conduct strategic reviews, focused analyses, and objective evaluations of their IG policies, practices, and plans.

In this article we’ll explore what a configurable health check looks like — and why now is the perfect time for firms to take a fresh look at their IG health

Click to Read the Article

Risk Roundtable Webinar

WEBINAR: Scaling Risk Operations to Address Surges, Staff Strain & Surprises

(Our next Risk Roundtable’s title is long — because it’s all about coping with growth!)

If your firm is like many, the staff managing a steady stream of client, matter, and client file intake faces the occasional deluge of work. (Or may even feel like that deluge happens every day!) Whether driven by an unexpected wave of lateral hires — ranging from a handful of lawyers to an entire practice group — or even mergers, these swells can create serious challenges for risk professionals.

In this session, our expert panel will share stories, strategies, and practical advice firms can use to plan for these waves before they hit, and respond more efficiently in the moment when they do.

See the Full Agenda & Register Here

Client Success in Sight

WEBINAR: Scaling Risk Operations to Address Surges, Staff Strain & Surprises

At the recent Skills 2024 conference, Fisher Philips delivered a 5-minute video overview of how they worked with InOutsource to implement a state-of-the-art alert system that earned top marks from the lawyers and hard ROI for the business.

A Regional Managing Partner noted: “In the first two months (NCFI) helped me win a significant amount of new business… We never would have had those opportunities without the new case filing alert system.”

See more from Evan Shenkman, Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer, and Jennifer Mendez, Senior Director of Knowledge Management Innovation, as they share their firm’s success story:

Watch their 5-Minute Video

Read the Complete Case Study

EMERGING OPPORTUNITIES: : New Case Filing Intelligence Enables Lawyers to be "Activators"

The industry is abuzz with groundbreaking research on law firm business development insights. Research just published in the Harvard Business Review highlights the performance of ‘Activators’ — lawyers who prioritize active client outreach, networking, and engagement, combined with strong peer collaboration across their firms.

 The article notes that modern technology such as CRM, experience management, and other tools can create new opportunities to pursue new relationships and new business by delivering fresh value to clients — before they even reach “the RFP” stage — we agree!

Our New Case Filing Intelligence (NCFI) solution aligns perfectly with these principles — as illustrated perfectly by the Fisher Philips case study. So read the research and reach out to explore how we can help accelerate efforts at your firm!

Click to Read the HBR Article

Click to Learn More about NCFI

Partner Spotlight

INTAPP: Rebrand + AI Double Down + InOutsource = ROI

A few weeks ago, Intapp took the wraps off its #intelligenceapplied re-brand and re-launch. Our team was proud to be there in New York, connecting with friends and colleagues, learning more about the Intapp roadmap, and getting ready to marshal resources to help our clients continue their journey to the cloud.

With Intapp entering more of the modern work and collaboration space, through its Content solution for governing Microsoft Teams, and growing data integration story, InOutsource stands ready to help firms navigate the critical and complex policy and data governance challenges firms will need to navigate. We are ready to apply our unique combination of IG and Intapp intelligence for your firm!

Click to Read More about Intapp’s Recent News & New Vision

LegalRM: AI + Information Governance = Risk & Reward

Always ready to talk about the key topics of the day, our friends at LegalRM have two upcoming webinars worth calendaring:

Leveraging AI for information governance (April 4)

CEO Chris Giles will explore how AI can play a pivotal role in enhancing and streamlining information governance processes for firms. He’ll discuss not only how firms can use AI to manage their data more efficiently, but also to gain a competitive edge in an increasingly data-driven environment.

Topics will include IG processes, task automation, security management, compliance, and insight extraction.

Empowering AI success through advanced information governance technology (May 20)

In this session, Chris will demonstrate how the iCompli information governance platform can play a pivotal role in cultivating accurate and accessible data, ensuring a seamless and prosperous journey into the realm of AI.

Risk Management Resources

ARTICLE: Why More Software Options are Good News for Law Firms and Means Better Information Governance

Recently, several new firms have adopted Nectar, our online Learning Management System (LMS). This unique resource supports risk staff training and development with centralized, standardized learning tools and information.

Through this system, we offer adaptable coursework including extensive conflicts and compliance education, IG, and broader context on law firm operations and fundamentals.

Our Nectar team continues to expand the breadth and depth of available education materials and coursework, most recently updating and upgrading our Course Catalog.

If you’d like to see and learn more about the risk educational and training topics, we’d be happy to share more about coursework, about the Nectar platform, and how we help firms enhance staffing efficiency, retention, and development.

Learn More about Nectar

The Buzz About Us

CLIENT SUCCESS: InOutsource Staff Milestones & Success

Staying close to our clients is critical to our team. We regularly ask for feedback — particularly at project conclusion,

So when you receive a survey from InOutsource, please take it! These are reviewed not only by your project team, but also by senior management.

To the many clients who have provided constructive feedback and kind encouragement — THANK YOU!

You can read what some of your peers have to to say about us in their own words here:

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Beeswax (Industry Insight)

Winning Support for Information Governance Business Cases

Published by ILTA in their Winter White Paper, this article provides advice and guidance for IG professionals looking to craft clear, detailed, and effective business cases for investment.

In it, industry veterans lay out the “A to Z” of assembling the building blocks for business cases that get approved and executed.

Read More

ILTA President Shares Perspective

This year, Tony McKenna, director of information technology and change at UK top 100 law firm Howard Kennedy, was elected as the first president of ILTA outside of North America.

This Orange Rag interview explores his key takeaways from 2023; whether the generative AI hype is helpful in having strategic conversations about the future; and what he is focusing on for 2024.

Read More

FileTrail Company Update (ILTACON 2023)

FileTrail CEO Harold Westervelt offers a “glimpse into the future of Information Governance” in his briefing at ILTACON.

In this video, he shares his perspective on the changing IG landscape and how FileTrail’s focus on innovation translates into their software solutions.

Watch the Briefing

The Bee's Knees

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Marcia Cook

Sr. Data and Analytics Consultant

Marcia Cook comes to InOutsource with 17 years of IT experience with the last 7 years heavily focused on Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Development, as well as Data and Analytics solutions. Prior to completing her bachelor’s degree, Marcia also worked as an Executive Assistant for various employers including Micron Technology, American Express, University of Utah, and the United States Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA).

Marcia has extensive experience with various Analytics tools including Qlik, Tableau, Sisense, OBIEE, and Domo. She has studied both Kimball and Inmon data warehouse methodologies, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and various programming languages including SQL, C++, Java, .NET, and python.

Marcia obtained her Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science with a minor in Computer Science from University of Alabama in Huntsville.

In addition to work, Marcia has been a college Math tutor for all ages, specializing in general mathematics, algebra, and calculus.