Webinar: Supporting KM and BizDev teams with Fresher New Case Filing Alerts and Intelligence

March 30, 2022 (11am ET)


In 2022, if you’re looking for new analytics use cases using tools like PowerBI and Qlik, we have a great one. Timely information about case filings lets firms more actively and consistently understand client needs, and pitch services to existing and potential clients — particularly in those “ahead of service of process” situations where clients are not aware they are subject to new legal action. However, traditional approaches to filtering, finding and forwarding those proverbial needles-in-the-haystack for lawyer follow-up tend to be heavily manual and cumbersome at best.

Jeff Pierantozzi, Data and Analytics Practice Lead at InOutsource, will demonstrate a fresh approach to managing new case intelligence, alerts and client engagement. InOutsource will demonstrate how its New Case Filing Intelligence solution aggregates data feeds of Federal, State, and international court docket and filing activity. By automatically supplementing that with key data from your firm’s internal systems on existing client relationships, risk profile and financial details, you can deliver focused intelligence that leads directly to stronger client relationships, new business and measurable profits.

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